lifting devices

lifting devices

For lashing straps EN 12195-2 in 50 mm bandwidth, you can choose from the following variants: Lashing straps made of polyester webbing in 50 mm bandwidth: one-piece strapping 2-piece with J-hooks 2-piece with claw hook 2-piece with triangle carabiner hook Bei den Spannelementen wählen Sie aus Zug- oder Druckratsche bzw. […]

Lashing belts EN 12195-2 | 50 mm

The product group of lashing straps EN 12195-2 offers the following alternatives: Lashing straps made of polyester - webbing in the widths: 75 mm 50 mm 35 mm 25 mm as one-piece strapping or as 2-part strapping with different types of hooks. You can also choose between the different span […]

Lashing belts EN 12195-2

cargo Control Lashing belts Lashing belts according to EN 12195-2 and VDI 2700ff. For the use of the lashing belts, please observe the following rules: VDI 2700: Load securing on road vehicles EN 12195 Load securing on road vehicles - safety Part 1: Calculation of lashing forces Part 2: Lashing […]