Safety notice for chain slings: Hooks must have a safety device
Chains Chain slings grade 80 1-leg Grade 80 1-leg Grade 80 without shortener 1-leg Grade 80 with shortener 2-leg Grade 80 2-leg Grade 80 without shortener 2-leg Grade 80 with shortener 3-leg Grade 80 3-leg Grade 80 without shortener 3-leg Grade 80 with shortener 4-leg Grade 80 4-leg Grade 80 […]


Kranwartung ist wichtig, Stillstand ist teuer.
LS+S Lifting Supply + Service GmbH Crane service LS+S crane construction is your service provider for: Crane service and UVV inspections Preventive maintenance and service The regular inspection obligation for your cranes is regulated by law - by the Betriebssicherheitsverordnung (BetrSichV - § 13, 14) as well as the technical […]

Crane service

Montagearbeiten an modularen Spreizen
LS+S Lifting Supply + Service GmbH Inspection service Access for registered customers to the inspection library Registration form for new customer access to the inspection library Professionally used work equipment is subjected to enormous demands during use. A regular review by experts is required by law. This rule applies to all […]

Inspection service

Lifting equipment seminar at LS+S
LS+S Lifting Supply + Service GmbH Training Take advantage of the opportunity to invite the speakers of LS+S Lifting Supply + Service GmbH to your company for on-site training. The focus of this training is the topic of safety. "Your safety is our business" is our motto and with this […]