lifting devices

lifting devices

Drahtseilklemmen DIN 48335
Chains Chain slings grade 80 1-leg Grade 80 1-leg Grade 80 without shortener 1-leg Grade 80 with shortener 2-leg Grade 80 2-leg Grade 80 without shortener 2-leg Grade 80 with shortener 3-leg Grade 80 3-leg Grade 80 without shortener 3-leg Grade 80 with shortener 4-leg Grade 80 4-leg Grade 80 […]

Wire rope clips

Lifting lugs Here you will find a selection of the lifting lugs distributed by us in screwable and weldable form. As a swivel ring screw, rotatable attachment point - loadable in all directions or as a weldable towing eye, foldable (with and without spring). The products comply with grades 80 […]

Lifting lugs

Lifting lugs Weld on lifting lugs RBS - grade 80 Lifting lug for lifting loads weldable, foldable, with and without spring with manufacturer's identification with marking of load capacity for lifting loads acc. Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC on request with fee-based inspection certificate according to EN 10204/3.1B from European […]

Weld on lifting lugs RBS

Shackles Make your selection from the different types of shackles here. Shackles according to DIN 82101 have - due to the quality class 5 - larger dimensions and thus also a higher weight than the high-strength shackles according to DIN 13889. However, the larger sized bolts defuse the problem of […]