Lashing belts EN 12195-2


The product group of lashing straps EN 12195-2 offers the following alternatives:

Lashing straps made of polyester - webbing in the widths:

  • 75 mm

  • 50 mm

  • 35 mm

  • 25 mm

as one-piece strapping or as 2-part strapping with different types of hooks.

You can also choose between the different span elements such as tension or pressure ratchet or clamping locks.

Please note that the selection of the clamping element has an influence on the number of lashing straps required.

Also, consider suitable edge protection to prevent webbing damage.

  • Cargo Control

    Belt width 75 mm
  • Cargo Control

    Belt width 50 mm
  • Cargo Control

    Belt width 35 mm
  • Cargo Control

    Belt width 25 mm
  • Slipmatic-belts

    Belt width 25 + 50 mm

Starting and braking as well as cornering cause forces acting on the load during transport on the road. Insufficient load securing causes the load to get out of control - so it can slip and tip over and be damaged. According to data from the German Insurance Association (GDV) in Germany, damage caused by this accumulates annually at several hundred million euros.

Insufficiently secured cargo can damage the transport vehicle and, if the load falls from the vehicle, endanger other road users as well.

All parties involved in the transport, ie the driver, the shipper, the vehicle owner, but also the sender and the carrier, are responsible for securing the load.