Lifting clamps and grabs


Lifting clamps for the

horizontal, vertical or universal transport

Here you will find an overview of our product line Grippers and lifting clamps:

  • Plate clamps models Shark   |   Shark-S

  • Universal grab model TAG

  • Non-marring grap models TBP   |   TSB

  • Girder grab for horizontal transport models TTG   |   TTR   |   TTT

  • Lifting clamp with safety lock models THS  |   TWH   |   THK

  • Board clamp modell TPZ

  • Hand clamp model THG

  • Pipe grab model TR

  • Profile steel grab model TPR

  • Block grab model TVB   |   TBG

  • Bale grab model TBA

  • Rail grab with safety lock model TCR

  • Inside grab model TDI

Plate clamp

Universal grab

  • Universal grab

    Model TAG

Non-marring grap

  • Non-marring grap

    Model TBP
  • Non-marring grap

    Model TSB

Girder grab

  • Girder grab

    Model TTG
  • Girder grab

    Model TTR
  • Girder grab

    Model TTT

Lifting clamps

  • Lifting clamp

    Model THS
  • Lifting clamp

    Model TWH
  • Lifting clamp

    Model THK

Board clamps

  • Board clamp

    Model TPZ

Hand clamps

  • Hand clamp

    Model THG

Screw clamps

  • Screw clamps

    Model TSH
  • Screw clamps

    Model TSD
  • Screw clamps

    Model TSZ

Pipe grab

  • Pipe grab

    Model TR

Profile steel grab

  • Profile steel grab

    Model TPR

Block grab

  • Block grab

    Model TVB
  • Block grab

    Model TBG

Bale grab

  • Bale grab

    Model TBA

Rail grab

  • Rail grab

    Model TCR

Inside grab

  • Inside grab

    Model TDI