Inspection service

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Inspection service

Professionally used work equipment is subjected to enormous demands during use.

A regular review by experts is required by law. This rule applies to all work equipment, regardless of the frequency of use.

The timely detection of defects is an active contribution to accident prevention and mitigation. And a legally compliant documentation can save you in the event of damage before the loss of insurance coverage.

The "Occupational Safety Regulations for safety and health at work" (DGUV  Regulation  100-500 formerly BGR 500) legally stipulate that these inspections be recorded and kept available so that the safety-related condition can be proven.

Among the "testable work equipment, which are subject to damage-causing influences" count e. g: lifting slings, load handling devices, cranes, PPE as well as machinery and equipment, shelves, ladders, scaffolding, gates ...

Betriebssicherheitsverordnung - BetrSichV
Regulation on health and safety in the provision of work equipment and its use at work, safety in the operation of installations requiring monitoring and the organization of occupational health and safety

§ 10 Testing the work equipment

(1) The employer must ensure that the work equipment, the safety of which depends on the installation conditions, is inspected after assembly and before initial start-up and after each assembly at a new construction site or at a new location. The purpose of the inspection is to ensure the correct installation and safe operation of this equipment. The inspection may only be carried out by qualified persons.

(2) If work equipment is subject to damage-causing influences that can lead to dangerous situations, the employer must check the work equipment in accordance with the time limits determined in accordance with §3 sentence 3 by qualified persons and, if necessary, have it tested. The employer shall immediately submit work equipment to an extraordinary inspection by qualified persons in the event of extraordinary events which may have detrimental effects on the safety of the work equipment. Exceptional events within the meaning of sentence 2 may be, in particular, accidents, changes in work equipment, longer periods of non-use of work equipment or natural phenomena. The measures specified in sentences 1 and 2 are to be carried out with the aim of detecting and rectifying damage in good time and ensuring compliance with safe operation.
(3) The employer shall ensure that work equipment is inspected for safe operation by qualified persons following repair work that may affect the safety of the work equipment.
(4) The employer must ensure that the inspections also meet the results of the risk assessment according to §3.

§ 11 Records

The employer must record the results of the examinations according to §10. The competent authority may require that these records are also made available to it at the place of operation. The records must be kept for a reasonable period, at least until the next test. If work equipment that is subject to §10 sentences 1 and 2 is outside the Company used, they must be accompanied by proof of the performance of the last test.

The LS+S inspection service will check for you:

Lifting slings such as webbing belts, round slings, slings of steel wire or fiber material, sling chains, accessories for load attachment such as lifting eyes, hooks, shackles
Load handling devices such as load beams, claws, lifting clamps, chain hoists (manual or electric), lifting magnets, vacuum lifters
Winches, hoists and equipments traction and hoisting
hydraulic elements such as hydraulic lifts, pallet trucks, lifting tables, lifting platforms
cranes like slewing cranes, gantry cranes
cargo Control like lashing straps, lashing chains
PPE = personal protective equipment against falling such as harnesses, suspension and connection cables, fall arrest devices, fall arresters, passenger baskets
Der Prüfservice der LS+S prüft Anschlagmittel
Starke Korrosion ist eine Ablegekriterium
Eine modulare Spreize wird einsatzfertig montiert

Our test personnel are expertly trained and knowledgeable about the legal regulations and test procedures.

If available, we use the test instructions of the FSA (Association of Ropes and Slings).

The test documentation is available to you online at any time for inspection or printing.