LS+S Lifting Supply + Service GmbH


Take advantage of the opportunity to invite the speakers of LS+S Lifting Supply + Service GmbH to your company for on-site training. The focus of this training is the topic of safety. "Your safety is our business" is our motto and with this motto you can reliably measure us and the success of our work.

Safety is the deciding factor

Again and again, we experience cases where a company's employees are not familiar with the security-relevant factors in striking goods . The result: Incorrect handling of lifting slings and lashing equipment, as well as avoidable accidents. The experts of the LS + S Lifting Supply and Service GmbH provide you with the necessary specialist knowledge in custom-made training for your company ; so that your employees will be familiar with the consideration of inclination angles for sling chains and other relevant topics in the future.

Die LS+S macht Ihre Mitarbeiter fit - in Theorie + Praxis

Comply with legal requirements

In companies with more than 20 employees, there must be a security officer in Germany. This legislation is intended to help reduce the number of accidents at the workplace. This activity requires specialized knowledge. In addition, the accident prevention regulations (DGUV and BGR) stipulate that an annual check of the all lifting gears be made. This test must be carried out at least once a year and documented in accordance with the law by a qualified person.

Training - not only in lifting technology

The experts of the LS + S Lifting Supply + Service GmbH provide understandable and competent the necessary knowledge about the handling and use of lifting and lashing equipment and train your employees among others in the following qualifications: