2-leg Grade 80

Chain slings and components in grade 80 according to EN 818-4
Chain sling on the tower crane

Chain slings grade 80


Selection criteria for chain slings

  • Determine the weight of the load to be lifted.
  • Determine the number of chain legs required depending on the existing attachment points and the load geometry.
  • Use the load capacity table to determine the nominal chain thickness, taking into account the angle of inclination.
  • Take into account any existing temperature influences.
  • Note the reduced load capacity with asymmetry.
  • Determine the chain length depending on its necessary usable length.
  • Make sure that the suspension links in the crane hook and the end fittings match the attachment points.
  • Check the selected components or the slings and components in use for their condition. (according to the applicable regulations e.g. DGUV 100-500)

Special instructions:

  • When designing your hangers or components, also take into account difficult operating conditions such as shock loads.
  • Chain slings and components must not be used above an operating temperature of 400° C. However, if your components are accidentally exposed to a temperature of over 400° C, contact the manufacturer immediately to check the components for their further usability.
  • In the case of chemical influences such as acids and bases, chain slings of grade 80, 100, 120 must not be used.

Hole to hole - and it still holds.

Chain slings have to endure a lot.

You should therefore also use our inspection service with clean and legally compliant documentation - of course available online in your cloud.

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Sichtprüfung an Anschlagketten

Visual inspection is sufficient for a rhythm of 2 years.

After 3 years, a non-destructive check for freedom from cracks is mandatory.

Armin Lehmann
Lifting technology with passion
Prüfung auf Rißfreiheit an Anschlagketten durch LS+S Prüfservice

We test electro-magnetically

according to DIN EN 9934 part 1

Armin Lehmann
Lifting technology with passion